Survivors arrive in Lampedusa reporting approx. 60 missing

Wednesday, August 12, 2015
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Channel of Sicily
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IOM Rome
Partially verified
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60-63 migrants remain missing and are presumed drowned after a rubber dinghy reportedly carrying 117-120 passengers departed from Garabulli, Libya and began to deflate due to the heat in the Channel of Sicily off Lampedusa. As migrants fell into the water, an Italian Navy helicopter spotted the distress. The Italian Navy vessel 'Fenice' arrived on scene for the rescue operation. In total there were 54 survivors. 52 were transferred to a Coast Guard Ship and brought to Lampedusa and 2 more migrants were found and rescued subsequently. Among the reported 117-120 on board, 32 are women. Only 14 women have been rescued. There are approximately 60-63 individuals estimated to be missing and presumed drowned. Nationalities are from Sub-Saharan Africa (Mali, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana and others)

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