Mediterranean Migrant Arrivals in 2016: 178,882; Deaths 737

19/4/16 Greece - IOM reports that an estimated 178,882 migrants, including refugees have entered Europe by sea in 2016, arriving in Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Spain, through April 17. Latest confirmed fatalities stand at 737. Reports Monday of several hundred deaths of migrants from the Horn of Africa have yet to be confirmed by IOM monitors in the region.

On Friday, April 15, IOM reported some 177,207 migrants and refugees had arrived in Europe via Mediterranean Sea routes, and deaths of 732 men, women and children in 2016.


1 Jan – 17 April 2016

1 Jan – 30 April 2015








376 (Eastern Med route)


31 (Eastern Med Route)



269 (Jan-Dec 2015)



356  (Central Med route)


1,687 (Central Med route)



5 (Western Med and Western African routes)

3,845 (Jan-Dec 2015)

15 (Western Med and Western African routes)

Estimated Total





*As of 29 February 2016



Total 2014

Total 2015

1 Jan – 17 April 2016









IOM estimates that some 24,581 migrants arrived in Italy by sea between 1 January and 17 April 2016. Of these, 6,200 arrived during the first two weeks of April.

According to data provided by the Italian Ministry of Interior, 16,065 migrants arrived in first half of April 2015. For the entire month of April last year, 26,228 arrived in Italy.

On Sunday (17/4) 464 migrants were rescued at sea and brought to the Sicilian port of Augusta. They included two people with gunshot wounds. According to initial reports, the smugglers shot them in Libya, for unknown reasons, before their departure.

Yesterday (18/4) 108 migrants were rescued by the "SOS Mediterranée" ship Aquarius. According to the migrants, six people died during the crossing. The survivors arrived yesterday in Lampedusa.

Also yesterday, another group of 214 migrants was rescued at sea and brought to Pozzallo. Their boat departed from Egypt and passengers included Ethiopians, Somalis, Sudanese, Eritreans, Egyptians and other nationalities.

Some 90 percent of migrants arriving in Italy come from Libya. The remaining 10 percent leave from Egypt.

Greece has seen a decline in the number of migrant and refugee arrivals this month. In 2016, IOM Athens reports arrivals of 153,625 migrants and refugees. A total of 1,007,359 migrants and refugees arrived in Greece during the period January 1, 2015 through Sunday, 17 April 2016.









IOM Athens reports today that unofficial data for arrivals in Greece by sea for April thus far in 2016 now stand at 2,257. Of those, 1,319 arrived on the island of Lesbos and 336 on Samos. Based on the latest information, over 54,000 migrants and refugees are currently stranded in Greece and being housed in  newly established facilities in Attica and Northern Greece.

Through the first 100 days of this year, arrivals in Greece by sea averaged close to 1,500 migrants or refugees daily. In the past ten days, arrivals have dropped to an average of fewer than 70 per day (see chart below.)


March 2016 Daily Arrivals to Greece April 16 Daily Arrivals to Greece
1-Mar-16 609 1-Apr-16 555
2-Mar-16 2,162 2-Apr-16 216
3-Mar-16 2,035 3-Apr-16 262
4-Mar-16 799 4-Apr-16 225
5-Mar-16 770 5-Apr-16 -
6-Mar-16 2,424 6-Apr-16 99
7-Mar-16 742 7-Apr-16 172
8-Mar-16 1,459 8-Apr-16 116
9-Mar-16 3,112 9-Apr-16 59
10-Mar-16 384 10-Apr-16 -
11-Mar-16 232 11-Apr-16 80
12-Mar-16 2,601 12-Apr-16 98
13-Mar-16 1,395 13-Apr-16 28
14-Mar-16 484 14-Apr-16 106
15-Mar-16 115 15-Apr-16 0
16-Mar-16 82 16-Apr-16 155
17-Mar-16 263 17-Apr-16 86
18-Mar-16 1,431 18-Apr-16  
19-Mar-16 926 19-Apr-16  
20-Mar-16 931 20-Apr-16  
21-Mar-16 1,144 21-Apr-16  
22-Mar-16 200 22-Apr-16  
23-Mar-16 344 23-Apr-16  
24-Mar-16 83 24-Apr-16  
25-Mar-16 177 25-Apr-16  
26-Mar-16 5 26-Apr-16  
27-Mar-16 144 27-Apr-16  
28-Mar-16 147 28-Apr-16  
29-Mar-16 741 29-Apr-16  
30-Mar-16 281 30-Apr-16  
31-Mar-16 401    



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