Up to 20 migrants missing and presumed drowned after rubber dinghy carrying between 120-130 overturned off coast of Libya

Sunday, September 6, 2015
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Off the coast of Libya
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IOM Rome
Partially verified
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Gambia, Nigeria and Senegal
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IOM Rome reports up to 20 migrants missing and presumed drowned after rubber dinghy carrying between 120-130 overturned off coast of Libya on Sunday, 6 September. 107 have been rescued by 2 Italian Coast Guard vessels and brought to Lampedusa. 41 women from Nigeria on board. No women among the missing migrants. According to reports from survivors to IOM staff, the sea was rough and the smuggler who was driving was not very expert: he made a wrong manoeuvre and a wave knocked into the water those who were on the bow. People on board asked the driver to come back to rescue those at sea. He refused. Survivors were eventually rescued by the coast guard Ship Dattilo, and then transferred to 2 smaller ships Estimates of the missing: Information provided by migrants are not very reliable for the moment: some say that missing are about 20 or even more, others say that they were less than 10. IOM has seen that lately rubber dinghies – used to carry up to 100/110 people – are now filled with 130, sometimes 140, migrants. Smugglers are creating room for more migrants on board by providing them with less tanks of fuel (the tanks of fuel are usually positioned at the centre of the dinghy). The consequence is that these dinghies are overwhelmed and are becoming increasingly dangerous.

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